The smartest way
to communicate with your customers

Empowering your customer communications with animated & personalised text messages

What is Smart Text?

Smart Text is used for:

Sales Events

Sales Events

New Car Launches

New Car Launches

Aftersales Promotions

PCP Choices

Service Reminders

Service Reminders


As chosen by leading dealers

Smart Text will work for single franchise dealers as well and the largest dealer groups.

We make it easy

Building and sending your Smart Text couldn't be easier.

Our team of Smart Text animators are familiar with all brands and most corporate identity guidelines, ensuring your communication meets manufacturer approval, as well and providing great results.

Our data team will prep your data, correct first names, format your numbers correctly and remove any duplicates.

It's as Easy as 1-2-3:


You send in an outlined brief and we build your Smart Text


We prep your data and send your Smart Texts


You receive your leads, follow-up and secure sales

Smart Text Testimonials

See what dealers have to say about Smart Text:

Smart Text Reporting

Similar to email marketing, Smart Text provides you with full reporting and analytics. Smart Text tells you who engaged and when they engaged, plus the all important customers who Clicked to register their interest.
All downloadable to a spreadsheet at the click of a mouse.

Smart Text Stats

Smart Text in numbers. Smart Text has been tried, tested & trusted by hundreds of dealers over and over again.

Smart Text, the One, the Only and the Original!

Created by Dealer Marketing in 2015.

Why is Smart Text so successful?
Simply put, Smart Text is the most effective way to contact and communicate with your customers!

Imagine if you could send a thousand texts to your customers and then measure how many landed, how many customers viewed your offer, and then get immediate and interested hand-raisers. Well, now you can with Smart Text!

Formed in 2007, Dealer Marketing is a team of professional marketeers, designers and communications experts focusing exclusively on the motor industry.

In August 2015 Dealer Marketing were faced with a dilemma. We needed to contact thousands of customers to invite them to a sales event and encourage them to say "Yes, I'm interested" in your offer. Email marketing would work, but we only had 50% email addresses and we knew that only 35 - 40% of the emails would then be opened. This meant that only about 20% of the customers would see the offer. We did though have 95% of customers mobile numbers and knew that we could land a text message to about 90% of these.

The solution was Smart Text. Similar to an html email, we could send a text message with a unique link to each customer. Once the customer received the text, we could measure who these were and how many. Then we wanted them to click on their own personalised unique link. This link displayed an animated personalised message explaining the dealers’ super offers and encouraged customers to say "Yes, I'm interested".

Once a customer clicked or registered their interest an immediate email was triggered to the dealer to say the customer was interested. The dealer could then call the customer, secure the lead, and make a sales appointment.
And so Smart Text was born.

Since 2015, Smart Text has grown exponentially and is now used as a main customer contact solution by hundreds of Irish car dealers and most leading manufacturers. Since expansion into the UK market in 2020, Smart Text is now also used by several leading UK dealerships and groups.

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