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What is Smart Text?


Imagine if you could send a thousand texts to your customers and then measure how many landed, how many customers viewed your offer, and then get immediate and interested 


Well, now you can with Smart Text!


Return on investment guaranteed!





We make it easy


we design it

You send in an outlined brief and we build your Smart Text

we send it

We prep your data and send your Smart Texts





you get results

You receive your leads, reports * and secure sales



Why Smart Text?


6,000+ successful 
campaigns & counting


Our team of Smart Text animators are familiar with all brands and  corporate identity guidelines, ensuring your communication meets  manufacturer approval, as well and providing great results.




 Generated Sales


   Smart Texts Sent




Active Dealers



Our portfolio


At Smart Text our team of animators have an extensive portfolio. Working with a wide range of brands, we ensure your communication meets manufacturer approval, as well and providing great results.




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